9 Best Flushable Cat Litter Brands Review – All Organic and Biodegradable

Best Flushable Cat Litter Brands

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  1. M Conti says:

    Hi there, How about the possibility of mycotoxins in corn litter? That’s my biggest reason for switching from World’s Best after using for years. I’m concerned. That mold is usually deadly.

    • kapush says:

      Earlier, I did not find enough details upon a cursory search to write about that issue (assuming it is an issue). But now that you mention it, I should probably either include that info here or write a separate article on it. Thank you for raising this most valid point.

  2. I believe you are incorrect in stating that World’s Best is “made from wheat kernel”. The Original Series litters use whole kernel corn compressed into concentrated granules. The newer, Advanced Natural formula, promises improved odor control by adding other “all-natural” ingredients.

    • kapush says:

      Hi Robert, thank you for pointing out the error – will make the necessary corrections. As for other ingredients – they use an undisclosed process to create small clumps out of plant and wood fibers. The pine blend is for people who prefer that scent. Thanks again.

  3. Nancy villecco says:

    Is it old used litter from the litter box when cleaning it out, or the actual clumps themselves that is toxic to marine life?

    • kapush says:

      Hi Nancy,

      It is a kind of organism found in cat poop that harms marine life. So, any used litter flushed down in a coastal area would be harmful, clumped or not. Please read THIS POST for details.

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