Problems with Silica Gel Cat Litter

problems with silica gel cat litter

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  1. Amaya Walker says:

    You’re spreading misinformation, the silica used for cat litters…is no different to the silica packets used in food packaging, it is NOT the same crystalline form of silica that causes respiratory illnesses.

    …yes, dust is not good for your lungs in general, neither is smoke.

    But that is any dust, or any smoke.

    Clay cat litter dust would be worse for your cat, than silica litter…in terms of possibly respiratory illness.

    …but all litters tend to produce some amount of dust, even “eco-friendly” varieties.

    Cedar produces not only dust, but also oils that can be problematic.

    …I’ve tried every cat litter type so far, at the moment Pretty Litter is working out.

    It’s expensive though at $20 a bag.

    …but if you buy it in bulk, it’s far cheaper, I buy 24 bags at a time for less than $300.

    So I get like 10 bags free that way.

    I will be trying something else soon (Pine horse bedding), that is much cheaper…but the mess will be something I’ll experiment with.

    …also cleaning it will only last maybe three days, before I’ll just dump the whole box likely.

    I am trying to find the very best litter for long haired cats, as I have two Russian Siberians…litter tends to stick to their fur and paws a lot.

  2. rachelgertz says:

    Curious if anyone here has tried They claim it’s cheaper than flushable/avg litter and has these colour change health indicators that can tell you if your cat has kidney or urinary issues. My cat is 14 this year and starting to slow down and was hoping to give this a try. I was intrigued by the health indicators and the subscription, but reading this article makes me worry… it sounds like this is ‘amorphous silica’ so it should be safe? Any thoughts?

    They also claim:

    >PrettyLitter is made of super absorbent Silica Gel, combined with a proprietary formulation of indicators to help you monitor your cat’s urine for acidity and alkalinity levels outside the average range, plus the visible presence of blood. Silica gel, or Synthetic Amorphous Silica (SAS) is a form of silica that has been widely used in topical and oral medicines, food and cosmetics for decades. PrettyLitter is manufactured in one of the world’s largest and most trusted kitty litter plants sourcing its own silica microgels using carefully selected mineral sources. In addition, our manufacturing facility uses the highest quality control standards.

  3. Darlene says:

    Why is cancer causing chemicals is in this litter. You have so many people dying of cancer everyday including animals. This is wrong, why are our nation doing this to us and our pets?

  4. Mary says:

    Is it safe to put use porous silica sand (cat litter) in a low spot under your mobile home where mosquitoes tend to raise❓❓ if so is it safe around Birds including chickens ducks and geese??

    • kapush says:

      Sorry about the late approval of your comment – it is unusual, which is probably why my security plugin thought it was spam. I had to retrieve it manually.

      About your query, silica gel is harmful in its dust form when it gets inside the body via the respiratory tract. I have just been on a couple of chicken forums, if your chicken ingest the pellets, there should be no cause for alarm.

      I could not find anything about silica gel and ducks and geese, I’m afraid.

      But the real problem is that if you want to use silica gel as an insect repellant, you must use the dust – it works like diatomaceous earth and dehydrates the insects to death. And, like I said, silica gel poses the greatest risk in the dust form.

      So, I wouldn’t be using it under the mobile home if I were you and had chicken, ducks and geese walking around.

  5. Hi, I have a question that confusingly may have been spoken to in the article. I craft Melt and pour soaps (MP). they attract a great deal of moisture. As such an absorbent is helpful while drying the product prior to packaging. I tend to use a bunch of paper towels but sometimes that is simply not enough especially when I make a lot of soap in one day. 1 bar no problem. 100 bars, lots of moisture being attracted. I priced the desiccant packets on ebay and amazon and they are not cheep. I saw an article where a guy filled a sock with crystal littler and put it inside his car to keep the moisture from affecting his windows so I thought maybe that would help keep dew away from the soap. but, Is it skin safe for humans? Is there another brand or means to an end that would work better? This is something I am passionate about. I want to present a product that is useful but also one safe for those who purchase it.That is the soap, kept dry by crystal cat litter. In a cloth to prevent it from direct contact.

    • kapush says:

      Hi Raymond,
      I am not an expert on silica crystals per se .. but I have never heard of anyone using the crystals directly on their skin either. With what we know of silica, I wouldn’t be very optimistic, really. But you should probably seek expert advice (including legal advice) if you are going into business.

  6. kapush says:

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    Skyler (**** says on 2016/07/05 at 11:34 pm:

    I don’t know if I like it or not. It scares me a little to be honest. I just got my kitten and everytime she goes in she ends up eating them. I end up taking it out of his mouth. Is it ok? Is it bad for my cat? What should I do about my cat eating it?

  7. kapush says:

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    Stephanie Moon (**** says on 2016/04/27 at 12:05 am

    Brilliant discovery!
    Use horse or chicken pellets, they are super cheap 15$ 20kilo bag , bio degradeable and the cats love using them. I am a recent convert from the silica.

    • Sunshyne says:

      Omg..thank you so much for this tip..I rescue..cats (25)..
      I don’t use the crystal litter but the clay clump and use a mask when I scoop.but the dust is still in the air and on my I know I’m inhaling a lot of toxins,perfume ‘s and dust…

  8. kapush says:

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    Beth (****** says on 2016/01/15 at 11:56 pm:

    I am currently using Ultra Pet silica litter (the very fine one, the one that looks like sand). I have been using it for several months. While my cats LOVE it, even with daily vacuuming of the floors, every surface in the room with the litter box, including books, desk, computer, etc. is covered with a layer of silica dust. I can SMELL silica dust in the room when I am in there. I have no choice but to look for some alternative litter at this point as it is truly disgusting and I go into that room as little as possible except to stir the litter per directions and clean the box per directions. I am very unhappy (although my cats are happy) with this litter and do not recommend it.

  9. kapush says:

    Thanks for adding to the discussion, everyone… will be coming up with something new shortly, would welcome your comments again.

  10. Monica says:

    This is research by a journal.

    “Occupational exposure associated with respiratory diseases
    Silicosis (chronic, accelerated, acute)
    Progressive pulmonary fibrosis
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases
    Lung cancer
    Increased risk for TB
    Occupational exposure associated with other diseases
    Systemic autoimmune diseases
    Rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, scleroderma, small vessel vasculitides
    Renal Disease
    Glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, end-stage renal disease

    • kapush says:

      Comment manually moved from old site:
      In reply to Monica, El Bee (***** says:

      Monica, the silica (“silica GEL”) in cat litter is NOT, contrary to the name of the products, crystalline silica; it would not pass federal regulations to sell in the USA, anyway! Silica gel is the harmless stuff that keeps shoes from getting moldy when stored or shipped. It’s in almost all grains, both “whole” and processed, and most processed foods contain it. What you’re talking about isn’t remotely similar and can’t even FORM this shape–the MOLECULES are “crystalline” in appearance, but it’s NOT the same silica. If silica gel were fatal, so would going to the beach and eating anything you didn’t farm yourself.

  11. Rebecca says:

    The walmart “mimi” brand crystal cat litter gave my daughters Russian Blue long-hair cat a severe UTI to the point of bleeding. I’m convinced Cheri would have died had I not changed the litter to “Special Kitty” 100% natural clay (non-clumping brand). Within 24-36 hours of changing the litter, she totally stopped bleeding as well as frequent urination and returned to her normal self. Crystal litter may be easier for cat owners, but my experience says it’s possibly fatal to the kitties having to use it.

    • kapush says:

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      In reply to Rebecca, Kaibeezy says on 2016/04/08 at 10:48 am

      White silica gel cat litter saved my cat’s life. I noticed one day her urine was very slightly pink. The vet saw her that day and diagnosed a hidden kidney condition that would have killed her quickly, but because we caught it so early, she lived happy and healthy for many more years. I never would have seen the stain in anything but the pure white silica litter. That’s a real and significant benefit that far outweighs any marginal, mythical, pseudo-scientific “danger”.

  12. PC says:

    You are correct that crystalline silica can be cause problems like silicosis, but you are mistaken in thinking that silica gel cat litter is the same, it is not, there is crystalline silica naturally occurring in a lot of clays and therefore it can be in clay litters though. The silica gel is amorphous silica, the silica in clays is crystalline and that causes health problems, aka potter’s rot, quarry lung, medically known as silicosis. Breathing in lots of any dust is not good. But the science just isn’t there to to support that amorphous silica is as bad as crystalline silica. Diatomaceous earth is basically amorphous silica-yes it can kill some insects by dessication same thing it does to poop and pee and those little silica packs in vitamins. Synthetic amorphous silica is in cat litter, rubber, epoxies, agroproducts, in human food, pet food. Too much of anything can kill you. Even pure water can be toxic if you drink too much. Flour can cause lung problems similarish to silicosis, it is called baker’s lung. The issue is degree of exposure. If the dust bothers you then wear a face mask when pouring, that is the time you and your cat will be most exposed. It is unfortunate that so many manufacturers call it crystals, because technically that is wrong. It is not crystalline, the crystal is not absorbent, otherwise your glass windows wouldn’t keep out the rain or the beach would soak up the ocean! Perhaps the bigger health concern is it pure? Amorphous silica can be contaminated by crystalline silica and that would be a hazard.

  13. Cradke says:

    I need to know something about you!

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