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seo-content-writer-kapush-arindam-dasguptaI’m assuming you’d like to know me as a flesh and blood person, first, before you decide if you want to work with me. So, here goes.

My name is Arindam Dasgupta. kapush (yes, with a small ‘k’) is my pen name.

I’ve been ghostwriting since 2012; began specializing in SEO content writing two years later when I noticed my blog (with lots of affiliate links in it) had kept ranking with just five articles despite the Panda and the Penguin).

I’ve also been teaching undergraduate students English Literature and Language since 1999.

I run a self-funded stray shelter, paintillustrate, and shoot with my smartphone camera. KapushContenT had to be created primarily because I was always going broke trying to maintain my stray shelter.

I’ve been clean-shaven for a while now, but use this bearded shot for professional purposes. Makes me look deceptively erudite, methinks.

My main domain, Kapush.Org, is about cat illnesses and remedies, animal welfare, and health & lifestyle.

The sub-directory Cat Litter has for its subject just that – cat litter. Not all litter is good for you or your cat. If you have a cat at home and use litter, I urge you to visit Cat Litter.

When my paunch grows too bloated for comfort, I get back to practising what little Wing Chun kung fu I learned. Since I had also trained under the recently deceased  Manohar Aich, Mr. Universe (1952),  it is not difficult to get back in shape again and again and yet again.

The point – if there is a point – is that my myriad interests (haven’t listed a tenth lest you think I’m weird) are subconsciously brought into play when I write. And I love to learn about new subjects.

Consequently, most people find my work interesting, even when I have written on an otherwise boring subject. I’m not certain as a prospective client you’ll want to factor that in, but just in case you do…

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