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Why SEO Content Writer ?

Probably because …

94.95% of consumers reach shopping sites from organic search results. Only 5.05% click on paid search results.

You can’t just thrust ads in their face and hope they’ll buy. That attitude cost publishers an estimated $22 billion last year because consumers blocked their ads. As of March 2016, around 408 million people have opted to block ads for a better mobile web browsing experience.

According to Powerreviews survey, 38% of consumers begin shopping with Amazon search and 35%, with search engines.

Of those who prefer search engines, 52% choose Google.

February 23, 2011, was the day of the Panda/Farmer Update that began to wipe out sites with low-quality content. Even today, the Panda algorithm is at work, quietly demoting sites out of Google’s search results.

There is an article at the Google Webmaster Central Blog that describes the kind of content Google expects of a high-quality site. Written by Amit Singhal way back in 2011, it still remains relevant.

If you don’t rank, your customers go to your competitors

Ultimately, it all boils down to content

Have good quality content and you’ll rank well. Have poor quality content and your rankings and sales will suffer.

Your content must be search engine optimized for you to rank among the first organic results.

And compelling enough to get your prospects sold on you even before you sell to them.

You want content people would miss if you took it off the Internet.

Are you B2C and wondering if you should hire a subject expert, instead?

See if this piece about hiring the perfect Business to Consumer Content Writer makes sense to you.

Here’s a documentary worth a watch

You could be surprised at what some famous names (Marriot is among them) have done (33:38). And the following (36:04) is from a hardcore marketer, not some spiritual leader, on content marketing:

“It’s humans dealing with humans – we forget that. Instead of trying to be real time, we gotta be Real.”

Serious about running a business online?

You need quality content created by someone who knows how the system works.

And I’m just the right person to help you create content that search engines want to rank and visitors love to read and bookmark.

Agreed, you never know how good someone is for you until you’ve worked with them. Still, I hope to fulfill your expectations should you choose me as your SEO Content Writer.

Do the following match your expectations of an SEO Content Writer?

You want someone who listens

You tell me what you wish to achieve, I ask questions, you clarify, and that’s how we begin any project.

You want an SEO Content Writer who listens to what you have to say

You want to remain updated

Project X | Research Underway
Project X | Research Completed
Project X | First Draft

And I respond to your queries as soon as humanly possible.

A content writer that keeps you updated

You expect authoritative content that follows the latest SEO rules

You get what search engines prefer: content that can face peer review, not some opinion piece.

I also keep myself updated to give you what best fits the latest algorithms – or the best speculations thereof since Google will not always reveal their policies.

SEO Content Writers keep themselves updated to provide authoritative content

You want your visitors to actually read your content

About 84% of the people surfing the web only skim through content, ready to click away to the next good thing.

Optimal use of subheadings, small paragraphs, and white space encourages visitors to read.

You want compelling content that makes people want read

You don’t need COPY where you want CONTENT

If your writer doesn’t understand the difference and gets in your visitors’ face too frequently, you may not be able to convert them into buyers.

Your SEO content writer should know the difference between copy and content

You want flawless grammar and perfect style

Here’s my academic résumé <temporarily disabled link due to hacking activities>. Rest assured, no one will ever find Your for You’re on your site.

Being too pedantic isn’t the best way to secure visitor engagement. However, style guides help when you’re unsure if it is onsite, on site or on-site.

I normally depend upon the Chicago Manual of Style and the APA Style Blog to resolve doubts, and you get content that is professionally written and looks it .

You want a web content writer who writes grammatically correct English

Your visitors must get what you’re trying to say

When I write for you, your content has the best of both worlds – perfect grammar, and readability that never sacrifices quality.

Readability is measurable through the Flesch-Kincaid tests. 60 – 70% is considered acceptable for normal web content.

Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease score of this web page is 64.6.

Your website content must have a good readability score


This ought to go without saying, but you also want

  • 100% original content – no one will ever accuse you of plagiarizing,
  • acknowledgment and attribution as per best practices when external resources are used and,
  • the perfect number of words used in direct quotations to avoid duplicate content issues.

Your SEO content writer must give you 100% original content

Almost forgot!

Zero fluff. Period.

You want a writer who writes zero fluff content

Neil Patel on Om Malik


And finally…

Yu want content htat has been prof read, edited, spelchekced and rdy to publis. and in pfebvct english – that mek you hapfy, yes? 😉

You want your finished content proofread and edited to a flawless, ready-to-publish state

Please note, however…

Peanuts get you monkeys - KapushContenT Pricing Motto


Academic papers are never ghostwritten (they’re not SEO content, in any case).

I do not write for sites promoting animal cruelty and racism.

Sites related to the meat / dairy industry – if you have documented policies of humane treatment of animals that remain your property and proof that you enforce such policies scrupulously, please feel free to request a quote.

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