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My cats and me! 

My family has had cats since I don’t remember when. I grew up with cats, and now I have my very own feline family and a no kill cat shelter. We use a certain kind of cat litter but not automatic litter boxes. However, cat owners who come to us for medical advice for their furry babies often ask for advice on the best cat litter there is, or what litter box they should use. Their queries led to certain very disturbing truths about cat litter and automatic litter boxes. That is what this blog is about.

Professionally, I teach in an undergraduate College as Assistant Professor in English. I used to be an aspiring fine artist, but had to choose between working on the shelter and pursuing a career in Art . Our main site used to be kapush.net which is now KAPUSH.ORG  . It deals with Cat Illnesses and Symptoms and Case Studies on cats from our  shelter.

In a third world country like India, Animal Welfare laws are not stringently enforced.  Those of us working on our own or as part of an NGO (I am a life member of Calcutta Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) are  lonely creatures. We all hope for a day when that will change.

Funding a cat shelter (with a couple of stray canine fellas thrown in – that’s Patch and I in the image below…) is expensive, to say the least.

 Patch and Me!

Government funding is not available unless you are a registered organization – for which you need at least seven active members. I never could get together all seven that would be active!

This is what was originally on this page: “We do not accept donations from individuals. If you have an urge to donate, please don’t. Adopt a stray instead from one of the high kill shelters. If you live in or near Miami Dade, try contacting UnderCats4Life. If you go through Facebook, you will find similar groups trying to help animals in various ways.

Things have changed for me, however, and so …


EMPATHY has rescued and sheltered more than a hundred cats and dogs since 2002.

EMPATHY Fundraiser

Help me keep EMPATHY running?

I often recommend that you buy from Amazon. That is NOT because I am an Amazon affiliate. Most or all merchant websites will advertise their product like it is the only choice on earth. There is not much to be learnt about actual user experience (the Testimonial section is not what we would want to trust) from Merchant Sites. Amazon, on the contrary, besides providing you with a discounted price and largely small-print-less return policy, also has user reviews for products sold. You cannot post your review unless you have actually bought a product from Amazon. There have been complaints about false reviews but if you are careful, they are not too difficult to spot either. It is quite a task sifting through the numerous reviews with diverse points of view. However, if you take the time, you will invariably know what the real deal is.

We do not recommend products that we have not personally used or where user reviews do not seem particularly encouraging, or convincing enough. We are trying to help, and raise funds for the shelter if possible. My babies and I are not into selling you stuff that you don’t need!

On a different note, I am also an SEO Content Writer and Content Strategist. If you wish to hire my services, please visit KapushContent.

To spread the word about dangers of inappropriate cat litter, please click the share or like buttons below each post.

We look forward to your comments and suggestions.  Thank you for visiting us.

4 Responses

  1. Anne says:

    Well never mind that previous question, I found your link about the Silica Gel litter. Although one of the posters was saying how heavy the litter was. The stuff I’m using is like the picture you have and is fairly lightweight compared to regular clumping litter.

    Thanks for your informative site.

    • kapush says:

      Thank you Anne. I’m glad you found my blog useful. I’m not sure if companies making cat litter care about the health of the cats that would be using them but I did notice quite a few sales pages stressing upon the health factor. I guess we are spreading awareness, after all.

  2. Anne says:


    I am wondering about the new “crystal” type cat litters. they don’t clump but they are made from some kind of silica. They don’t appear to be very dusty and do a very good job at odor control, but when I went to change out the litter, a fine layer was at the bottom and if i had blown on it it might have blown away. I think the scraping of the crystals against each other when the cat is digging or burying creates this finer particulate. I am concerned again about respiratory risks to my cat and family. What do you know about this form of cat litter. I’m thinking that I should go back to the corn based clumping litter. Do the companies that make this stuff do any research at all in regards to health?



  3. Mark says:


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