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Flushable Cat Litter FAQ 2

Flushable Cat Litter Guide | FAQ

What is flushable cat litter  / Does flushable cat litter exist?

Quite simply, it is cat litter that you can flush down the toilet after use without risk of blocking the plumbing. It is convenient as well as environment friendly since you would not be adding to landfills.

And yes, flushable cat litter most certainly does exist!


Flushable Cat Litter 1

Flushable Cat Litter

Problem with flushable cat litter is that it doesn’t always flush – properly, that is. The result, always, is a shi*load of trouble, literally. Your plumbing is blocked, the entire house reeks of you know what and heaven knows what you’d do if you had to go. (more…)

organic cat litter keeps kittens safe 22

10 Best Organic & Natural Cat Litter Brands Safe for Your Cats ( 2018 Updated)

You search for ‘natural cat litter‘ or ‘organic cat litter‘ because the words ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ are reassuring, right?

Well, clay is natural and organic but the ever popular clumping clay litter can kill your cat. The process of strip mining  that extracts the main component  of clay based cat litter destroys the Earth’s surface.

Read, NOT all organic or natural cat litter is SAFE. (more…)

Sodium Bentonite Clumping Litter Can Kill 18

Clumping Cat Litter with Sodium Bentonite Is NOT Safe for Your Cat

Is Sodium Bentonite Clumping Cat Litter Killing Your Cat?

Update: October 11, 2016

Just noticed someone has referred to this post in a forum: “…says that there’s no evidence that using bentonite clay litter is harmful for cat and humans health, but it’s best to avoid it“.

Let’s clarify our stand with regard to using sodium bentonite clumping clay litter since, evidently, it is not clear enough.

We do not say ‘best to avoid’.

We strongly recommend that you avoid any clumping litter that has sodium bentonite as one of its constituents.


problems with silica gel cat litter 21

Problems with Silica Gel Cat Litter

How safe are your cats with silica gel cat litter?

Silica gel cat litter is often touted as harmless to humans and animals alike. However,  some people use crushed silica gel to kill bed bugs and cockroaches! (more…)