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Flushable Cat Litter FAQ

What is flushable cat litter  / Does flushable cat litter exist?

Quite simply, it is cat litter that you can flush down the toilet after use without risk of blocking the plumbing. It is convenient as well as environment friendly since you would not be adding to landfills.

And yes, flushable cat litter most certainly does exist!

Read our post on Flushable Cat Litter and what precautions you should adopt when deciding upon using one.

What is flushable cat litter made of / What is a good flushable cat litter?

Actually, the right question would be what is it NOT made of? And the answer is, it is not made of sodium bentonite which clumps so hard that it blocks plumbing.

A good flushable cat litter primarily ought to be one that readily dissolves in water and is relatively lightweight. Additionally, we would really prefer that it be eco-friendly and cat safe as well.

What are my flushable cat litter options?

Please refer to the flushable cat litter brands comparison list. No litter is perfect, but we are confident you will find at least one that suits your requirements.


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Is there a non-clumping flushable cat litter?

Yes, but you probably don’t want that since non-clumping litter is difficult to scoop. If, for some reason, you prefer non-clumping flushable cat litter, this one might be a good fit.

Is there a flushable non tracking cat litter?

Yes, please look at the flushable cat litter brands comparison list for easy reference.

Is there an unscented flushable cat litter?

Yes, most of the brands we have listed are unscented. However, some have natural scents which are quite strong.

Is there a low dust flushable cat litter?

Thankfully, yes. And if you should find a dusty litter preferable after weighing the pros and cons, you can use a colander in some cases to get rid of the dust. That is, of course, if you think the extra effort is worth it.

Should I use look for organic flushable cat litter?

A variation of that question is, ‘Should I look for natural flushable cat litter?’ And the answer is: you should look for a cat litter that dissolves in water and gets flushed away. Sodium Bentonite is actually a form of clay and clay is hardly unnatural or inorganic.

Having said that, we do understand what you mean, and our flushable cat litter list includes products which are created from renewable (or recycled) resources, do not harm the environment in any manner, are safe for cats and humans alike and, of course, are flushable.

Is flushable cat litter really flushable / Does flushable cat litter work?

You need to follow instructions that come with the product, and then it becomes really flushable. Else, you could end up with clogged pipes. As with anything else, you’ve got to make it work with a little effort.

If, for example, you dump the entire litter and expect it to become miraculously flushable, you could be setting yourself up for some disappointment.

When the litter comes with instructions like, ‘ Flush no more than one or two clumps at a time’, please do just that.

If instructions specify that the clumps must dissolve before they are flushed, well, don’t be in a hurry to flush, in that case!

You may be warned against flushing clumps that are more than 12 hours ‘old’. Definitely, heed such warning.

Since you cannot actually see what is going on inside the pipes it pays to follow instructions.

Is it difficult using flushable cat litter?

As with everything, there is a learning curve and as with anything that is not an exact science, there’s a bit of trial and error. However, if you follow instructions that come with the product things ought to be just fine.

Is flushable cat litter safe for septic tank system?

Yes, but not invariably so. Please look at the flushable cat litter brands comparison list for easy reference.

Is there a special kind of flushable cat litter plumbing?

Not that we know of but larger pipes ought to allow easy passage and less chance of clogging. If you are planning to set up plumbing especially for flushing cat poop, your best bet is to explain the situation to the plumber.

Flushable cat litter clogged toilet! What to do?

Call the plumber and for heaven’s sake, follow the instructions that come with the product before you flush! If you keep having the same problem, it is time to change (1) the brand of litter and/or (2) the plumbing and/or (3) the way you do things.

Should I use flushable cat litter for toilet training my cat(s)?

Of course!

Are there any unbiased flushable cat litter reviews?

Well, we have tried to provide you with the best flushable cat litter review we could think of. There are others on the Internet. No matter which review you use please avoid the ones that praise silica cat litter. For various reasons we cannot consider it a safe litter for you or your cat.

Who sells flushable cat litter / Where to get flushable cat litter from?

Your local grocery or hardware store could be selling cat litter that is flushable. We are partial to Only Natural Pet and Chewy. No matter where you get your litter from, we hope you make certain that your preferred choice of flushable cat litter is actually safe for your cat and for yourself.

Is there a ‘flushing cat litter box’?

Um… kind of. The box doesn’t flush on its own, though! And there isn’t actually any litter to speak of, just washable granules. See for yourself but be advised that even if it works for you, it is not a cheap alternative by any means.

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2 Responses

  1. kapush says:

    ( Update July 01, 2023: If anyone’s still interested, we now have a section on our homepage on how (if at all) used litter may be composted for your home garden. Please visit this link:

    Hi Elie, please accept my apologies for the delayed response. Some glitch prevented comment notifications and I was unable to approve them when I did notice them.

    To answer your question, almost anything organic can be used for mulching or composting.

    However, it may not be safe to use used cat litter on plants without first composting it. Reason being, cat poop (or any poop, for that matter) is acidic and the freshly used litter may not have the proper ph balance for plants.

    At one time, when I was into gardening, I used to have two holes dug in the garden soil. The used litter would be put in one of them, and when it was full, the hole would be covered with dry leaves and left for a couple of months. The other hole would be used, meanwhile. When it filled up, it would be covered in dry leaves and I would empty the first hole and use the compost for gardening (and start pouring in freshly used litter in the hole again)..
    Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Elie Kodsi says:

    Is the flushing cat litter safe to mix with the soil, and use it for planting?
    And is it safe to feed the used litter to the plants?

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