EMPATHY has rescued and sheltered more than a hundred cats and dogs since 2002.

I can no longer do it on my own.

Help me keep EMPATHY running?

I started a small shelter for strays in 2002. Over time, almost the entire area of my original residence became a home for the rescued fur babies.

My human family and I live on rent across the street

Things went south for me in 2011 but I held on despite dwindling resources and health. I really could do with some help right about now.

EMPATHY was started to help the strays no one wanted. It has been a home for them and should have outlived me as one. Unfortunately, it is now in ruins. I desperately need your support to revive it and keep it going.

This was MeeMee aka Kapush …


Kapush is an affectionately coined derivative of kapaash, which stands for a kind of soft, downy variety of cotton in my language, Bengali.

That’s how he was when I found him on the street. A fearless little ball of cotton guarded by a stray dog of all creatures.

MeeMee and Ma

MeeMee with my mom

Kapush brought so much love and joy to our lives – until he passed away in an accident before he’d even turned two.

I started a stray shelter in his memory and called it EMPATHY. And I created Kapush.Net (now Kapush.Org) later to keep his legacy running.

Thoompoo and Me

Thoompoo and I

New rescues checking out their shelter being renovated

New rescues checking out their shelter being renovated


Empathy has been self-funded, always, with half the earnings from my job as an Assistant Professor in English. Consequently, this did not leave me with much savings.

So, when problems cropped up five years back, I tried to tide over the financial crisis through content writing.

Haven’t been sitting cozy, waiting for handouts 

I was recently featured in WriteWorldWide.Com as one of the Top 14 Successful Non-Native English Freelance Writers.

KapushContenT is where you can get in touch with me for search engine optimized content writing.

There’s a site designed to earn affiliate income to support EMPATHY with information on Cat Litter and how the wrong litter can kill your cat, and there’s one that showcases my Portfolio.

Unfortunately …

The continuing stress gave me Fibromyalgia, however. It is a form of chronic muscular distress. And in August 2016, I slipped a cervical disc which left me partially incapacitated.

I can no longer write content for long hours without risking permanent disability.

Part of my home that housed the shelter was in bad shape and had to be demolished since I could not afford a renovation.

Demolished Shelter

The orange arrows/texts show how it used to be before being demolished. Now, just an empty space overrun with weeds.

The shelter animals are suffering, and that’s something I cannot bear to see. I built it to help and rescue stray cats and dogs, abandoned pets and kittens, and sick and aged animals – and I need to keep EMPATHY running for them.

Winter morning


If my story resonates with you, I’d really appreciate your making a small donation to help me take care of my fur babies.

My PayPal account is in my business name, KapushContenT. You head over to this PayPal.Me page and make whatever payment you like.

Thank you, from all of us 🙂

Droplet and Baby Smokey

Droplet and Baby Smokey