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HTML Structure of Wordpress Blog Post - SEO Content Writing

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  1. Michelle says:

    Thank you – that was a fascinating article. I love seeing on page SEO basics layer out in an easy to understand format! well done 🙂

  2. I enjoyed the way you broke down everything very simple for the average user to understand. I love TinyMCE and have been using it for awhile. In fact, it’s one of the plugins I mention in a SkillShare class I created called “Two Must-Have WordPress Editor plugins.” And I learned something new! I didn’t know that using a TOC with anchors at the beginning of your post would up your SEO ranking. Thanks for that!

    • kapush says:

      Glad you found the post useful, Darlene 🙂
      I should have elaborated on that table of content point, perhaps, but the post had gotten so long that I was a little tired at that point :p

      First, the anchors act as internal links into a considerably long post. That means there is less chance of search engines not crawling deep into the post. So indexing is better.
      Second, Google may display the ‘Jump to’ option when they display your post on SERP – that sort of enhances your credibility and CTR
      And third, it is possible (I can’t be certain) that you may find yourself in Google’s Featured snippet.
      Also, if you create a post that is easy to navigate, your readers will benefit and time on site will increase (because they will read more of your post, hopefully, without skimming and clicking away) and that should enhance your rankings as well.

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