3 thoughts on “Games that We Play with Our Furry Friends

  1. kill with kindness? informing chief minister president and police for animal welfare? do you listen to yourself what you wrote? no wonder pretentious loser like you caught pain and disease. you cant procure money to run a rundown roofless shelter you are not fit to run animal shelter. hope you die by covid19

    1. You Are Not Human. You Lack Empathy. & Yes You Have Lived Up To Your Name “Cunning” & Diplomat? Diplomats Don’t Have Time To Read Blogs & Ask People To Die.

  2. @cunningdiplomat: Sorry about the late approval of your comment – I don’t much tend to this site.
    Your comment appears to have been written by an educated(-ish) individual as far as grammar goes but the content is kind of low IQ. Interesting 😉
    I’m flattered, nonetheless, that you took the trouble to go through multiple write-ups!

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