9 Best Flushable Cat Litter Brands Review – All Organic and Biodegradable

Best Flushable Cat Litter Brands

For our best flushable cat litter brands review, we isolated 9 environment-friendly brands that are both biodegradable and manufactured entirely from renewable resources.

While clumping is desirable, most clumping litter cannot be flushed without disastrous effects to the plumbing.

Additionally, clumping litter made from Sodium Bentonite could Kill Your Cat.

This natural cat litter comes in its own litter box with scoop and waste bag – as one complete biodegradable & disposable unit.

Click to learn more!

Consequently, a flushable cat litter brand that also clumps is both a rarity as well as something to look forward to.

The comparison chart below takes into account factors like odor control, clumping, dustiness, tracking, and whether or not a particular flushable cat litter brand is septic safe.

Compare 9 Best Flushable Cat Litter Brands


Choose from Our Pick of Top 3 Flushable Cat Litter Brands

Only Natural Pet Shaved Pine

ökocat Natural Wood & Soft Step

World’s Best Quick-Clumping Formula

 (Updated February 10, 2018)

Cautionary Note:

Please consider NOT flushing used litter down the toilet if you live near the sea – get the details in our post on the Ecological Impact of flushable Cat Litter.

Regarding the comparison table:

  • Brands are mentioned in alphabetical order.
  • Click on the brand names to go to detailed reviews.
  • WordPress tables are not responsive. We tried to make the table small enough to fit the viewport of smaller devices- try the landscape mode if vertical viewing doesn’t work.
  • As far as “Tracking” is concerned, “No” means “Relatively less”. 
  • Some brands of flushable cat litter claim to use “Sanel”, a cat attractant made from tree resin, allegedly. We found no resource to explain what it really is and did not take it into account.

Questions? Please refer to the Flushable Cat Litter Guide | FAQ.

9 Best Flushable Cat Litter Brands

Updated Feb 2018

Better Way Zeolite Clumping Average Dust: NO Odor Control Good Tracking: YES!  Septic Safe  Sometimes out of stock. Bad Packaging 
Blue Buffalo Walnut Shell Clumping Superior Dust: NO (Regular) YES (Multicat) Odor Control Good Tracking: NO  Septic Safe   Complaints about blocked plumbing
Cat’s Pride Fuller’s Eath Clumping Good Dust: YES Odor Control Good Tracking: NO  Septic Safe   Flush only one or two clumps at a time 
Garfield Corn & Cassava Clumping Good (Instant) Dust: NO Odor Control Good  Tracking: NO Septic Safe   Flush after clumps dissolve. Don’t flush if clumps are more than 12 hours old 
Only Natural Pet Grass Seed Clumping Good Dust: NO Odor Control Good Tracking: NO  Septic Safe   Non GMO 
Only Natural Pet Shaved Pine Clumping Good Dust: NO !! Odor Control Superior Tracking: NO  Septic Safe   USDA Certified Non GMO 
ökocat Reclaimed Wood Clumping Good Dust: NO Odor Control Superior Tracking: YES  Septic Safe   Soft, good for declawed cats. 
ökocat (soft) Reclaimed Wood Clumping Good  Dust: NO Odor Control Superior Tracking: YES  Septic Safe   Good clay litter alternative. Soft, good for declawed cats 
Weruva Hinoki Wood + Green Tea Clumping Poor Dust:
YES! (But  removable with colander) 
Odor Control Average Tracking: YES  Septic Safe    
World’s Best Whole kernel Corn + natural wood fibers. Clumping Good Dust: YES!!  Odor Control Good Tracking: YES!!  Septic Safe   GiveLitter™ donates litter to cat shelters. Soft, good for declawed cats. 


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Best Flushable Cat Litter Brands Reviews in Alphabetical Order

View the Comparison Chart

 Better Way  | Blue Buffalo | Cat’s Pride Oil Dri

Garfield  | OnlyNaturalPet Shaved Pine OnlyNaturalPet Grass Seed

ökocat  | Weruva Weruva  | World’s Best 

Better Way Flushable Cat Litter (Septic Safe)

The best flushable cat litter brands reviews - Better WayCHECK CURRENT PRICE & DISCOUNTS

Made from Zeolite which is safe for cats and has distinct odor control and reasonably good clumping properties, this one is good to flush – but NOT if you have a septic tank.

Better Way Flushable Cat Litter Review – what’s going on?

There are mixed reviews, as with any other litter, but one in particular states that the cat suffered from an allergic reaction. However, we noticed the exact same review about sWheat Scoop as well and by the same reviewer. Exact, that is to say, word for word the same review.

Of course, that makes sense if it is the same cat that got the allergic reaction but probably not a good reason to write off this brand altogether.

Instead, you might want to consult your vet before buying.

Is there a real problem with Better Way?

There are two peculiar problems with this litter and none of them have anything to do with the quality of the litter.

  1. The company seems to run out of stock frequently. This is a problem because cats are agitated when their usual litter is suddenly removed or replaced with something else. They will start peeing anywhere and everywhere.
  2. Bad packaging. Not resealable, and tends to get torn when you try to open the bag.

If you can get over these problems, this is a pretty good flushable cat litter.


Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh – efficacy and economy

blue buffalo walnut shell flushable cat litterCHECK CURRENT PRICE & DISCOUNTS

Made from walnut shells, this litter has a huge fan following.

It can be flushed and is septic safe, completely biodegradable, clumps really well, and controls odor effectively.

Additionally, the company claims that one bag of blue buffalo clumping litter equals three bags of the leading clay clumping litter in efficacy and economy.

However, the multi cat version is dusty. And you could have a minor brown bug infestation. Fortunately, this bug problem is quite rare.

There have been some complaints about blocked plumbing after flushing this litter. If your priority is to find a litter that can be flushed, you might want to explore other options just to be on the safe side.


View the Comparison Chart

 Better Way  | Blue Buffalo | Cat’s Pride Oil Dri

Garfield  | OnlyNaturalPet Shaved Pine OnlyNaturalPet Grass Seed

ökocat  | Weruva Weruva  | World’s Best 

Cat’s Pride (Oil Dri) Jug (Septic Safe)

Cats Pride Oil Dri cat litter that you can flushLINK TO PRODUCT CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE
Cat’s Pride flushable cat litter ingredients include Fuller’s Earth – as Ed Lowe’s Kitty litter (the first marketed brand of cat litter in human history) did. In that respect, we could call it Cat’s Pride flushable Kitty Litter. Don’t expect it to clump like Sodium Bentonite, however, and it doesn’t come cheap, either, but does the job pretty well.

Also, the company oversees the litter making from start to finish and makes sure the soil strata are replenished. They call themselves the ‘All American Brand’ if that appeals to you.

As for flushability, no, it is not safe for septic tanks. However, if you flush one or two clumps at a time you should have no problem with normal sewer based toilet systems. Again, you must schedule a time for cleaning /flushing litter because this could take a while.

Overall, a good choice even though it costs a pretty penny.


View the Comparison Chart

 Better Way  | Blue Buffalo | Cat’s Pride Oil Dri

Garfield  | OnlyNaturalPet Shaved Pine OnlyNaturalPet Grass Seed

ökocat  | Weruva Weruva  | World’s Best 


Garfield Flushable Cat Litter – three grades of graininess

Flushable Cat Litter-Garfield


This one’s completely plant based (corn and cassava), biodegradable, and relatively small-grained. There are three grades of graininess, actually. It is a good litter but you must allow it to dissolve first before flushing.

While that makes sense for a lightweight litter, it may not always be feasible to wait around while the litter does the dissolving act. If you have a time set aside after work for cleaning the litter box, this could work for you. Again, remember to let it dissolve first or you could end up with backed up pipes.

The ‘instant clumping’ is a fact. However, the clumping is not rock hard: Scoop carefully or the clumps may get pulverized.

This is a good, flushable cat litter, but the video (below) that they have to showcase the product is even better (as with any advertisement!): do take a look even if you don’t end up buying the stuff.



View the Comparison Chart

 Better Way  | Blue Buffalo | Cat’s Pride Oil Dri

Garfield  | OnlyNaturalPet Shaved Pine OnlyNaturalPet Grass Seed

ökocat  | Weruva Weruva  | World’s Best 

We strongly recommend Only Natural Pet

Only Natural Pet is a great site to find all natural, sustainable pet friendly products including pet food. We were pleasantly surprised to notice that they have their own range of natural (or organic) cat litter now.  Their in-house products are created and packed in the most environment-friendly way – you can find out more by clicking here.

Current Deals at Only Natural Pet:

Watch this space!

All Natural Clumping Shaved Pine Organic Flushable Cat LitterShaved Pine Flushable Cat Litter

This litter is made out of finely shredded pine wood. It is treated with heat to increase absorbency and reduce dust and allergens.

Clay litter clumps from the top and forms scoopable (sometimes brittle) chunks. This one, absorbs and clumps from the bottom up and traps odor more effectively. It is a completely biodegradable and flushable cat litter.

The pine 100% US grown, harvested sustainably and is USDA certified – with zero chemicals, and completely eco-friendly.USDA certified organic product

So, here we have a litter that is not only flushable, but clumps well, has superior odour control, has almost no dust and tracks minimally and is a natural alternative to clay litter which your cats, if transitioning from such litter, will likely accept without much fuss. Worth a try, we’d say!

Click here to read the reviews for yourself.

Non GMO Fast Clumping Grass Seed Organic Cat Litter

Grass Seed Organic Flushable Cat LitterAt the time of updating this article, there were no reviews for this one. However, our readers (and people on various cat forums) have had positive experience with grass seed litter. Also, there’s another grass seed cat litter that is extremely popular. Unfortunately, nowhere does it mention that it is flushable (although we suspect it must be). Click here to read the reviews if you’re interested.

NON GMO Project VERIFIED fluahsble cat litterAnyway, we figured a non GMO US grown grass seed litter would be a good addition to this list especially since it is made by Only Natural Pet.

It claims to be good at odor control and clumping besides being completely biodegradable and flushable. There should also be less dust and tracking. Since Only Natural Pet products come with a 100% guarantee policy, you might want to take a look at this for your self.

Current Deals at Only Natural Pet:

Watch this space!

ökocat Natural Wood Cat Litter – 100% reclaimed wood

Best Flushable Cat Litter Review -ökocat litterCHECK CURRENT PRICE & DISCOUNTS
öko is German for ‘eco’ – implying that ökocat is eco-friendly. It should be, since it is made from 100% reclaimed wood. A lot of people swear by this brand’s  odor control, and flushable and anti-bacterial properties and buy it in spite of the fact that it has some definite disadvantages.

It has minimal dust, but tracks Big Time!

It is a large grained litter and difficult to scoop. This, of course, is taken care of with a proper sized scoop. Hint: look at what Amazon suggests (‘Frequently bought together’).

ökocat is not really a new brand. It has been a leading natural litter brand in Europe for the last 15 years under the label ‘Cat’s Best’. Currently, everything is still manufactured in Germany but they plan to set up manufacturing in the US as well. That should bring down the cost.

Apart from reclaimed wood, ökocat also uses paper which is made by processing the same reclaimed wood.

The company does not use recycled paper on purpose since newspaper and other printed paper would invariably contain ink and dyes. They aim to make a completely safe and natural litter for cats and if you can get over the tracking issues, this could be The Flushable Litter you’ve been looking for.

Do not be alarmed by the PROP 65 warning on the packaging. California State laws are pretty stringent (and we totally support that). There are a lot of substances that we take for granted could cause harm to human beings. Wood dust is among them. Even though ökocat is practically dust free, it isn’t (and cannot possibly be) 100% so – and 99.99%, in our opinion, is just a fancy number.

Being a small company, ökocat cannot afford a California-only version and so, all their products carry the PROP 65 warning.

While on the subject of dust, if you are looking specifically for a dust free flushable cat litter, there is a Dust Free formula (which still tracks) made from paper. However, it is not as good as the clumping varieties. Only in odor control do all the different types of ökocat litter perform equally and admirably.


View the Comparison Chart

 Better Way  | Blue Buffalo | Cat’s Pride Oil Dri

Garfield  | OnlyNaturalPet Shaved Pine OnlyNaturalPet Grass Seed

ökocat  | Weruva Weruva  | World’s Best 


 ökocat Soft Step Flushable Cat Litter – clay litter alternativeFlushable Cat Litter oko -ökocat Soft-Step

This is more than just one of the best flushable cat litter brands around – it is a viable alternative to clay litter.

Soft Step , made from fine wood granules, (except that Soft Step is lightweight). If you are transitioning your cat from clay clumping litter, this could be your best choice.

The official ökocat video below is informative. 

Scroll to 0.28 to view a comparison with clumping clay litter – we think you will find it convincing enough.

In case you do not have the time, here’s a transcription:

ökocat Clumping Clay Litter
Free of harmful chemicals Contains sodium bentonite and silica dust
Comes from reclaimed trees Comes from strip mining
Little or no airborne dust Powdery clay airborne dust
Lightweight Heavy


View the Comparison Chart

 Better Way  | Blue Buffalo | Cat’s Pride Oil Dri

Garfield  | OnlyNaturalPet Shaved Pine OnlyNaturalPet Grass Seed

ökocat  | Weruva Weruva  | World’s Best 


Weruva Weruva Cat Litter (hint: you’ll need a colander)

Natural Flushable Cat Litter - Weruva - Flushable in small clumpsCHECK CURRENT PRICE & DISCOUNTS

Another very good cat litter made from the same ingredients as Next Gen Pet flushable litter. Hinoki, in case you are wondering, is Japanese Cypress.

Cutting down Hinoki trees so that cats can pee and poop would be a bad idea, and that is not how this litter is made. Only recycled wood from other industries (like packaging, for example) goes into the making of this natural flushable cat litter.

There is a downside which the manufacturers don’t mention (but of course!), and that is DUST. Thankfully, there is a viable solution.

All you need is to make a little effort to remove the dust with a colander. We found this solution thanks to an excellent user review. This is a good litter and worth the trouble, in our opinion.

Weruva masks the pee-poop odor with its own strong, woody fragrance and clumps as well as any non-clay based litter. These flushable cat litter pellets are a good choice if you are looking for any kind of natural cat litter and not just ones that can safely go down the toilet.

Note: Weruva insists that you flush in small clumps only.


View the Comparison Chart

 Better Way  | Blue Buffalo | Cat’s Pride Oil Dri

Garfield  | OnlyNaturalPet Shaved Pine OnlyNaturalPet Grass Seed

ökocat  | Weruva Weruva  | World’s Best 

World’s Best Cat Litter – super useful and charitable

Flushable Cat Litter-Worlds Best Multicat Clumping LitterCHECK CURRENT PRICE & DISCOUNTS

World’s Best is made from whole kernel corn and 100% natural plant / wood fibers. It is safe for both septic and sewer based toilet systems. It has good odor control and clumping properties. The pine blend was created for people who might prefer that scent but the odour can be too strong for some users and their cats.

Some users mix it with other, non-scented brands of litter to lessen the scent. Wheat based litters like sWheat Scoop seem to be a popular choice. Please note, however, that the resulting mix may not be flushable.

If you have a cat suffering from kidney disease, you will need something else as superior fluid absorption is not one of World’s Best’s strong points (cats suffering from kidney diseases will invariably pee much more than usual).

World’s Best has several varieties and all of them, reportedly, show minimum dust and tracking. Bear in mind, however, ‘minimum’ is a relative term and certainly not equal to zero.

At the time of editing this text, there are comments from FIVE different people who have found this litter too dusty! Please look in the comments section and decide for yourself. But this is as far as you can come to dust-free litter that does not track (and yet is safe for your cat).

In addition to using renewable methods to manufacture biodegradable and safe litter, World’s Best also has an altruistic side which we do appreciate. Each purchase adds up to donation of litter to shelter cats. In their own words:

Cats light up your life. When you purchase World’s Best Cat Litter™, you help support GiveLitter™, and make life a little better for thousands of cats in shelters.



View the Comparison Chart

 Better Way  | Blue Buffalo | Cat’s Pride Oil Dri

Garfield  | OnlyNaturalPet Shaved Pine OnlyNaturalPet Grass Seed

ökocat  | Weruva Weruva  | World’s Best 


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Hopefully, at least one of these top 9 brands of flushable cat litter will serve your purpose. Please bear in mind what we have mentioned earlier:

If you live near the coast and use a sewer based toilet system, you would be endangering marine life by flushing used cat litter down the toilet.

We’d really appreciate it if you left us a comment and let us know if our recommendations were up to the mark. Thank you for reading.

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23 Responses

  1. Kristin says:

    Why on earth are you implying it’s ok to flush ANY used cat litter !?!?! It’s completely beside the point that certain litters can be flushed without trashing the plumbing. The real issue is that cat waste includes a parasite [among other things] that human waste reclamation processes aren’t designed to eliminate. Flushing cat litter is a recipe for spreading Toxoplasmosis gondii to general population: water we drink, water we use to water our veggie garden, water we use to rinse that apple or carrot for a snack … And it’s potentially fatal or complicating to unborn babies when pregnant women are exposed! Yeesh!

  2. Kathy says:

    Hi, Nancy,

    I’m curious as to why you didn’t consider sWheat Scoop to be a flushable litter? They claim it is. We’ve been using it for years & like it, but have been disposing in the trash. I was researching flush-ability when I came across this page.

  3. nrs says:

    thank you for such an extensive list of possibilities, and for responding so quickly to the questions above! I wasn’t sure I would find anything, and this page (my first page read!) gave me everything I needed to make a well-informed (and user-verified!) decision. AWESOME!

  4. karen cisne says:

    corn based litter in litter boxes in contact with feces and urine can kill the cat due mycotxins I have read. So the world best litter is it safe??????

    • kapush says:

      I’m afraid I don’t have a definite answer for you. Didn’t find much on the web. Best to ask your vet, I suppose. But this must be a relatively rare occurrence and probably shouldn’t occur at all if you clean up the litter box before things get soggy …

  5. Patricia Hoff says:

    I can’t believe World’s Best Cat litter claims no dust and no tracking and yet no one has refuted it. I like it because I can flush it. Other than that it’s horrible. I have 2 solid black cats. When they leave the litter box they have so much litter on their feet and up their legs, it looks like they have socks on! Every surface in the bathroom is covered with dust within a day after I have cleaned it.

    • kapush says:

      Hi Patricia,
      Thanks for the input. Is it possible that some varieties of World’s Best are less dusty? My write-ups are based on user reviews. Which variety have you been using?

      • jsph_custer@yahoo.com says:

        We use it too. It’s very dusty. I think we may use it for too long, as it seems relatively dust free for the first week of a new batch of litter; we have two cats. As for varieties, I don’t think there are many. Just scented and one non-scented as far as I know.

      • Dan F says:

        I’ve tried several varieties of “World’s Best,” too, and they all track like mad, and after the first week there will be a fine orange dust everywhere as the litter granules break down. There may be “no dust” when you pour it from the bag, but look out in a few days!

        • kapush says:

          Thanks for the input jsph and Dan – looks like I’ll have to update my write-up and the chart!!

        • Jeanie Kay says:

          i have tried used the mult-cat and the zero mess (blue bag) from World’s best and the only but major complaint is the dust, especially for my medium haired cat. it stays on him and when i wipe him down with baby wipes, it’s all orange. traces of litter is throughout the house too. I’m actually on here trying to find an alternative to them.

          • kapush says:

            This was the last straw! The image of a poor kitty being wiped down with baby wipes was too adorable to ignore – I have edited the write-up! Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Jeanie Kay – and hope you found what you were looking for …

      • Dennis McConnell says:

        Also been using World’s Best for a couple years now and it leaves dust everywhere. I’ll often come into the bedroom and see the dark blue bedspread covered in dusty cat prints. To top it all off we have been trying to get a handle on a horrible cough that my son has. It started a couple years ago and has progressively gotten worse. We took him to an allergist and found that he is allergic to corn pollen. So now we are in search of a good cat litter.

        • kapush says:

          Hi Dennis,
          Thanks for sharing your experience with us – and sorry about your son – hope he recovers soon. If you are looking for a dust free cat litter, take a look at this – it is supposed to be good for cats with respiratory troubles (and should be good for your son as well).

  6. I use rabbit pellets for cat litter. I think it’s compressed alfalfa. Is it safe to flush into a septic tank? Thanks.

    • kapush says:

      Hi sempersuccess,

      Alfalfa pellets are supposed to be nontoxic, flushable, and good for deodorizing as well. I don’t know what brand you’re using but I’ve seen cat forum users say THIS brand is flushable. Hope that helps 🙂

  7. M Conti says:

    Hi there, How about the possibility of mycotoxins in corn litter? That’s my biggest reason for switching from World’s Best after using for years. I’m concerned. That mold is usually deadly.

    • kapush says:

      Earlier, I did not find enough details upon a cursory search to write about that issue (assuming it is an issue). But now that you mention it, I should probably either include that info here or write a separate article on it. Thank you for raising this most valid point.

  8. Robert Viti says:

    I believe you are incorrect in stating that World’s Best is “made from wheat kernel”. The Original Series litters use whole kernel corn compressed into concentrated granules. The newer, Advanced Natural formula, promises improved odor control by adding other “all-natural” ingredients.

    • kapush says:

      Hi Robert, thank you for pointing out the error – will make the necessary corrections. As for other ingredients – they use an undisclosed process to create small clumps out of plant and wood fibers. The pine blend is for people who prefer that scent. Thanks again.

  9. Nancy villecco says:

    Is it old used litter from the litter box when cleaning it out, or the actual clumps themselves that is toxic to marine life?

    • kapush says:

      Hi Nancy,

      It is a kind of organism found in cat poop that harms marine life. So, any used litter flushed down in a coastal area would be harmful, clumped or not. Please read THIS POST for details.

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