9 Best Flushable Cat Litter Brands Review – All Organic and Biodegradable

Best Flushable Cat Litter Brands

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24 Responses

  1. Kristin says:

    Why on earth are you implying it’s ok to flush ANY used cat litter !?!?! It’s completely beside the point that certain litters can be flushed without trashing the plumbing. The real issue is that cat waste includes a parasite [among other things] that human waste reclamation processes aren’t designed to eliminate. Flushing cat litter is a recipe for spreading Toxoplasmosis gondii to general population: water we drink, water we use to water our veggie garden, water we use to rinse that apple or carrot for a snack … And it’s potentially fatal or complicating to unborn babies when pregnant women are exposed! Yeesh!

  2. Kathy says:

    Hi, Nancy,

    I’m curious as to why you didn’t consider sWheat Scoop to be a flushable litter? They claim it is. We’ve been using it for years & like it, but have been disposing in the trash. I was researching flush-ability when I came across this page.

  3. nrs says:

    thank you for such an extensive list of possibilities, and for responding so quickly to the questions above! I wasn’t sure I would find anything, and this page (my first page read!) gave me everything I needed to make a well-informed (and user-verified!) decision. AWESOME!

  4. karen cisne says:

    corn based litter in litter boxes in contact with feces and urine can kill the cat due mycotxins I have read. So the world best litter is it safe??????

    • kapush says:

      I’m afraid I don’t have a definite answer for you. Didn’t find much on the web. Best to ask your vet, I suppose. But this must be a relatively rare occurrence and probably shouldn’t occur at all if you clean up the litter box before things get soggy …

    • Dawn says:

      Thank you for that information. I had been using World’s Best, yet it occurred to me recently that corn is one of the most heavily roundup (Glyphosate) sprayed crops and is also a GMO crop. So, I decided to save both me and my cats from this killer toxin now by switching to something a tad safer…whatever that looks like?

  5. Patricia Hoff says:

    I can’t believe World’s Best Cat litter claims no dust and no tracking and yet no one has refuted it. I like it because I can flush it. Other than that it’s horrible. I have 2 solid black cats. When they leave the litter box they have so much litter on their feet and up their legs, it looks like they have socks on! Every surface in the bathroom is covered with dust within a day after I have cleaned it.

    • kapush says:

      Hi Patricia,
      Thanks for the input. Is it possible that some varieties of World’s Best are less dusty? My write-ups are based on user reviews. Which variety have you been using?

      • jsph_custer@yahoo.com says:

        We use it too. It’s very dusty. I think we may use it for too long, as it seems relatively dust free for the first week of a new batch of litter; we have two cats. As for varieties, I don’t think there are many. Just scented and one non-scented as far as I know.

      • Dan F says:

        I’ve tried several varieties of “World’s Best,” too, and they all track like mad, and after the first week there will be a fine orange dust everywhere as the litter granules break down. There may be “no dust” when you pour it from the bag, but look out in a few days!

        • kapush says:

          Thanks for the input jsph and Dan – looks like I’ll have to update my write-up and the chart!!

        • Jeanie Kay says:

          i have tried used the mult-cat and the zero mess (blue bag) from World’s best and the only but major complaint is the dust, especially for my medium haired cat. it stays on him and when i wipe him down with baby wipes, it’s all orange. traces of litter is throughout the house too. I’m actually on here trying to find an alternative to them.

          • kapush says:

            This was the last straw! The image of a poor kitty being wiped down with baby wipes was too adorable to ignore – I have edited the write-up! Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Jeanie Kay – and hope you found what you were looking for …

      • Dennis McConnell says:

        Also been using World’s Best for a couple years now and it leaves dust everywhere. I’ll often come into the bedroom and see the dark blue bedspread covered in dusty cat prints. To top it all off we have been trying to get a handle on a horrible cough that my son has. It started a couple years ago and has progressively gotten worse. We took him to an allergist and found that he is allergic to corn pollen. So now we are in search of a good cat litter.

        • kapush says:

          Hi Dennis,
          Thanks for sharing your experience with us – and sorry about your son – hope he recovers soon. If you are looking for a dust free cat litter, take a look at this – it is supposed to be good for cats with respiratory troubles (and should be good for your son as well).

  6. I use rabbit pellets for cat litter. I think it’s compressed alfalfa. Is it safe to flush into a septic tank? Thanks.

    • kapush says:

      Hi sempersuccess,

      Alfalfa pellets are supposed to be nontoxic, flushable, and good for deodorizing as well. I don’t know what brand you’re using but I’ve seen cat forum users say THIS brand is flushable. Hope that helps 🙂

  7. M Conti says:

    Hi there, How about the possibility of mycotoxins in corn litter? That’s my biggest reason for switching from World’s Best after using for years. I’m concerned. That mold is usually deadly.

    • kapush says:

      Earlier, I did not find enough details upon a cursory search to write about that issue (assuming it is an issue). But now that you mention it, I should probably either include that info here or write a separate article on it. Thank you for raising this most valid point.

  8. Robert Viti says:

    I believe you are incorrect in stating that World’s Best is “made from wheat kernel”. The Original Series litters use whole kernel corn compressed into concentrated granules. The newer, Advanced Natural formula, promises improved odor control by adding other “all-natural” ingredients.

    • kapush says:

      Hi Robert, thank you for pointing out the error – will make the necessary corrections. As for other ingredients – they use an undisclosed process to create small clumps out of plant and wood fibers. The pine blend is for people who prefer that scent. Thanks again.

  9. Nancy villecco says:

    Is it old used litter from the litter box when cleaning it out, or the actual clumps themselves that is toxic to marine life?

    • kapush says:

      Hi Nancy,

      It is a kind of organism found in cat poop that harms marine life. So, any used litter flushed down in a coastal area would be harmful, clumped or not. Please read THIS POST for details.

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