Cat Litter, Strip Mining and Environmental Issues

Cat Litter-Strip Mining-Environment

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  1. kapush says:

    Carbonaro, sorry to hear about your cat. No one lives forever but to lose our loved ones because there are legal poisons in the market is unacceptable. Thank you for sharing your experience – just hope people take note of it …

  2. S. Carbonaro says:

    litter containing sodium bentonite was, i beleive, responsible for the death of my eight year old cat Ace just three weeks ago.
    Typical progression, cats clean themselves and ingest the sodium bentonite, which destroys the small intestine. Ace, in his last few months, even advanced to eating the litter directly from fresh litter boxes; the x-rays of his gut show the concentration of swollen (clumped) litter dispersed throughout his intestinal tract. When the veternarian tried to biopsy Ace’s intestines, the cutting instrument would just glance off the cats hardened intestine, making biopsy impossible. Ace was dead within a week.

    The most curious thing was that after removing the clumping litter from the house, it occurred to me to test it for radioactivity using an Inspector USB radiation detector. Establishing a background level of 32 CPM over three ten minute long timed counts, the same length counts determined the litter to be emitting 60-67 CPM, a 100% increase. For your sake as well as your pets, go with the natural formulations. Or buy a shovel.

  1. April 7, 2014

    […] This, perhaps, is the most well known among the automatic litter boxes available in the market, and has the unique flush away method of waste removal. Unfortunately, in some areas, you may be breaking the law if you were using this particular system of automatic cat litter waste disposal system. For a very specific reason, this cat litter box unwittingly becomes a hazard to the environment. What makes it relatively economical and supremely effective also makes it hazardous to certain aquatic life. In certain areas near the coast, it is illegal to flush cat litter out of your residence. Cat faeces sometimes contain germs of Toxoplasma Gondii, a disease that can cause abortion in humans and death, in sea otters. This self cleaning litter box that conveniently flushes out the waste through the toilet also puts at risk aquatic life. You can find details regarding this in our post on cat litter and environment issues. […]

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